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Difficulties abound when living close to pollution. What challenges do people face in this refinery town?

Urban Needs

Making a living depends on the relation between bodies and immediate environments. How do people move through space and deal with everyday challenges?

(Dis)able Bodies

Esmeraldeños work hard to meet their daily needs and achieve a “good life.” They work towards educating their children and owning a house to call their own. How do they do it?

Dreams and Aspirations

How do people make ends meet? Learn about the struggles that Esmeraldeños go through to achieve a “good life.”

Local Economies

The refinery is a major actor in the city. How do Esmeraldeños perceive the refinery and how does it affect their wellbeing?

Energy City

Learn about the types of situations people adapt to and learn to live with, including: pollution and uneven urban services provision.

Personal Trajectories